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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


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The versatile .tel address can be accessed via the internet and mobile phone.

"Fave" is a word that one associates with popular culture, usually a favorite pop star or actor. is a perfect platform that offers a one-stop voting mobile-compliant website for a TV show: national, regional, or local.

Whenever you need to set up a quick mobile-compliant voting site for a short-term entertainment project (and you already have your phone lines and websites in place), renting can offer you a low-cost alternative to expensive shortcodes and boutique 1-800 and 1-900 numbers.

No more dialing 1-800-MyFaves and clicking "1" for contestant #1, "2" for contestant #2, etc.

In short, on an electronic .tel card, you can use any phone number because your voters need not memorize anything, just click on their fave contestant. Their votes are automatically tallied according to your specifications.

"Fave" is easy to remember and short, which is important if you plan to flash the .tel access across a TV screen.

Possible scenario:


To vote for your favorite contestant by mobile, go to
[Flashed on TV screen]

[When user goes to the site via mobile phone, sees]

Vote for your FAVE contestant on America's favorite "TV Show"!

Clicking on a contestant's name will tally your vote; air time and applicable roaming and long distance charges will apply.

No charge for voting online (scroll to the bottom).

[And two (or more choices) choices]
1 Sparks

2 Sanjaya

3 Swift

4 Clarkson

5 Smith

6 Studdard

7 Doe

8 Spock

9 Dr House

10 Cowell
[When the voter clicks on a choice, he/she has dialed an actual phone number, and will be connected to automated voting system via phone].


To vote online:
[Flashed on screen] (scroll to the bottom)

[website link takes voter to your website]

[It doesn't matter how long the actual URLs are, either, because online voters will click directly on the site/subdomain that will cast their vote.]

[To recap, the TV screen will simply flash]

[While the voiceover repeats] is not just limited to TV show voting, but can also be used for quick marketing polls to gauge consumer interest in upcoming events, new songs, TV shows, goods, and services.

See live!

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