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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Separate Voting Platforms: Vote YES or YES Vote; Vote NO or NO Vote; Not Sure or Unsure; No Opinion; None of the Above or None

In your telephone, mobile, texting, and/or online voting platform, are you seeking separate sites for each viewpoint? If so, you can lease them here.

See some sample platforms: or or (or (or
All of the above terms are common polling terms, easy for people to remember.

When you might use separate voting platforms for one issue:

1. When you offer several options for each viewpoint, such as sms (texting), mobile voice options, and narrative online comments. Offering separate sites avoids the need for sub-folders (and yet another step for your voter, who might simply give up at this point).

2. When you offer your poll options on a print ad or web page, where users will have access to the options for as long as they wish.

3. When you are emphasizing narrative opinions over simple "Yes" and "No" responses.
Using separate sites for each response may NOT be a good idea for 15- or 30-second TV spots, where sites will be quickly flashed on a TV screen, or radio spots. In those cases, one site with voting options on the main page would be your best choice:
See and
For other platforms, click here.

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